Konsolentisch CAPO, Fichte massiv

Konsolentisch CAPO, Fichte massiv
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CAPO TABLE   -   Work . Fancy up . Enjoy From work-station to... mehr
Produktinformationen "Konsolentisch CAPO, Fichte massiv"

CAPO TABLE  -  Work . Fancy up . Enjoy

From work-station to makeup-table or just a place for displaying your favorite items Capo creates variation in your living space. Only imagination is your limit. Capo is a two legged table for your home office, your living room or any other room in which you like the idea of a table demanding very little space. With the integrated shelf Capo gives you room to store your magazines, your laptop or whatever you need nearby when having some time of immersion.

Design by Says Who for Karup Design.

"Konsolentisch CAPO, Fichte massiv"
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